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How can you contribute? Go hand in hand with the charitable network, and share the information to maximum. We wish to define our contributor as a person who can register with us (Rs. 30/- per month) and make a minimum of 5 registrations for the charity network every month.

What is a Member? A Member can be an individual or a group wishing to provide resources. We receive monetary and non-monetary resources from contributors. Members stand as pillars of society.

Donate old chair

Food for needy

Education support

Donate old toys

Donate old furniture

Yearly/Monthly donations

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Donate old books


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Who are receivers? Typically receivers are NGO’s or groups of volunteers that are well connected with sections of society / individuals that are in need. Receivers can submit their requirements to us, and we will fulfill those requirements with contributions from our contributors.

Monthly requirement of Medicines

Requirement of recurring needs

Requirement of blankets

Requirement of education support

Requirement of sponsors

Requirement of medical equipments


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This is a community platform that connects contributors with NGO’s/Volunteers, for the purpose of moving resources from the contributors to the people in need of those resources. 

Our purpose is to gather resources from contributors and ensure that those resources reach the real people in need.

Joining hands with compassion


Aasmaan Foundation is a non-profitable organization with a key intension of supporting people with disabilities to live a life of passion and dignity.


Devashrayam is a non-political, non-religious and non-sectarian Charitable Society

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

- Anne Frank

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